Carlos Corpa (b.1963, Cuenca, Spain)
Ana Garcia-Serrano (b.1963, Madrid, Spain)
Since 2000, Corpa and Garcia-Serrano have developed a mobile robot-poet PaCo (Poeta Automatico Callejero Online), which demonstrates the analytical capacity and ability of grammatical processing. PaCo was exhibited at several international festivals and museums of contemporary art, including VIDA 4.0 (Madrid), an international competition on Art & Artificial Life.
Carlos Corpa creates interactive systems, focusing on the research and reproduction of human behavior phenomena. Since 1996, he has been collaborating with Amorphic Robot Works (ARW, Chico Macmurtrie – Art Director) specializing in complex automatized sculpture development and robotic performances. He has participated in annual exhibition tours with ARW in the USA, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal. His works have been exhibited at contemporary art festivals in Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin and Valencia. Corpa has been awarded the Daniel Vazquez Diaz Government Grant (1996) and the International Competition on ALife VIDA 4.0 Award (Foundation Telefonica, Madrid).

Ana Garcia-Serrano graduated in 1987 with a PhD in Computer Science from the Department of Informatics at the Technical University of Madrid. She is a recognized expert in artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems and natural language processing. Garcia-Serrano was Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Inteligencia Artificial. Revista Iberoamericana de IA (AEPIA, 2000-2006) and Vice President of the Spanish Association for the Artificial Intelligence (2001-2007). She is the author of over 150 articles regarding artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Garcia-Serrano is currently a professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the School of Computer Science of the Technical University of Madrid and Director of the Intelligent Systems Research Group, ISYS.

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